Easing into summer

The summer is approaching… well, really it’s here and as I’ve mentioned in my Instagram post it’s HOT in Atlanta! I love hot weather, I really do. I never mind being in the sun for long periods of time and summertime makes me extremely happy. It’s the season of the year when hopefully you get to reappear out of your winter hibernation slump refreshed and ready to enjoy life again. Take a vacation. Wear those cute summery outfits that have been lingering in the bottom of your drawers under all of that heavy winter stuff. Hangout a bit longer. Create summer memories- good ones, people.

Speaking of those summer pieces in the bottom of the drawer; I pulled out my summer trunk from the attic last week. It brought a little grin to my face when I held up a top from last summer. I suppose it was the sentiments of reminiscing about last summer: what I was wearing. What I was doing. The big smile came when I realized that, yes! I can still fit this! Take that winter fat! 

The one thing that has been constant in my past few summers is my straw fedora. The one I received after the passing of my grandfather. Check out my blog His Fedora  to read the story behind it. It’s breathable, lite, and wearable with many outfits. Also I can- if I choose too- add feathers or broaches to the ribbon to give it it’s own style.

I decided to pair my fedora this go’ round with a tunic top and my favorite jeans. The top I purchased at a thrift store (can’t recall which one). I saw it in a retail store but I didn’t purchase it. When I saw it at the thrift store…of course. 🙂

Thrifting can be beneficial in allowing you to try clothing and styles that you’d typically pass up any other day.

Check me out!

These tops were very popular about 3 years ago. Many women still wear these because you can wear them with pants, shorts, dresses (I’ve seen), and also as swimsuit cover ups.

Let’s talk about me ‘In Those Jeans’, Ginuwine.  That was for all of my year 2000 club folks. (LOL)!  Jeans: Old? Yes. Over worn? Yes. Washed out? Extremely! Name brand? Nope. Nothing special about these jeans except that they fit perfectly. I love when I don’t have to wear a belt with jeans. These particular ones don’t slide down to where I’m having to tug on a belt loop every minute- so annoying, right? Get yourself some of those jeans.

I’d like to draw your eyes toward my favorite pair of earrings in the pic above. These colorful babies- oh gosh, love love them! The colors remind me so much of the Indian culture with all of the colors in their fabrics and jewelry. I thought these earrings perfect for ‘sorta kinda’ adding a little dress up to this outfit.

My shoulder strap drawstring purse I thrifted from a vintage jewelry vendor at a hair salon. It’s big enough for my wallet and small travel hygiene items, aaaannnd hellooo its GREEN! My favorite color. Couldn’t just not get it.

This little feather necklace I purchased from J’ Mari Glamwear Collection. She sells $5.00 Paparazzi Jewelry.  I’ll be doing a post on my other paparazzi collection soon, so check back for that; especially, if you want some nice accessories for only $5.00! I’ll give her contact information and website for easy ordering.

The symmetrical appearance of the necklace and the neckline on my top was a subtle coordination. I think depending on the top and its neckline you should try to keep your jewelry with the same contour. In this case I chose to do that. I could have gone with a long hanging necklace which would have been fine also because helps to draw the eyes downward versus keeping the accessories in one location around the ears and neck.

Let me know your thoughts on this look and your favorite summertime must-haves, and what makes you ease into summer! For me it’s my fedora. 🙂


Top- $5.99 or so

Jeans- $6- $8

Purse- $5.00 (Hair Salon Vintage Jewelry Vendor)

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Stay Golden.

When thrifting I tend to head straight toward the dress section. Dresses for me is a garment that I dont have to overthink as far as pairing. Dresses are an easy #thrifted item to put on and take off with minimal effort of styling. Sometimes when I simply want to put on pants and a tshirt I’m bummed at all of my dresses 🤦🏾‍♀️- I have sooo many dresses! Well, when I purchased these futia pants I picked up a futia lace top to pair with them, but if you know me then you know I dont always like to match.

I purchased these Steve Madden heals on sale at a department store. The dark colors and flowery pattern with the rose gold really made me think versatility. Seriously, the number of things that could go with these shoes or not (see last line in paragraph above) is innumerable!

Some time after purchasing those shoes I thrifted my Golden Girls ‘Stay Golden’ tshirt. I mean the Golden Girls, classic TV show that I grew up watching. Why not have a tshirt?

Put this outfit on yesterday and I loved how everything fit together for my style:

Colors. Casual. Cute.

So, you dont have to leave the thrift store with all of your pieces being the same style, or overly dressy, or too casual…, nor do all of your pieces have to be from 1950- I’m just saying, my little thrifters.

Check out my photos below and tell me what you think!


I wanted my accessories to match a color in my shoes. This styling still keeps things coordinated. That’s the balanced person in me. Can’t be too crooked. Can’t be too straight. These rose gold earrings and choker, oh my gosh, too cute! And they were thrifted on separate occasions!–Get outta here.– SHE SHOOTS…SHE SCOOORES!

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Happy Thrifting!

The Halter Reveal

For all those wondering and waiting, this is what I did with the halter…

Tadaaaaah!!! I made it into a skirt!

I took the time to recreate something unwanted and unbecoming and made it into what I wanted. How cool, right?

It took time, and I’m still working on perfecting some areas in the waistband, buuut it is preeeetty much complete.

As you can see the bottom hasn’t changed. I merely did away with the halter-cut away with it 😂, added a silk-like fabric to match the silk on the tulle, and Whalah! 🧚🏾‍♀️ Easy as fairy dust. Yeah right.

This peice can easily be dressed up with a nice top and some heels, or you can dress it down with a playful T-shirt/tanktop and cute flats, ooorrrr you can really jazz it up with a sequins top or jacket and some funky stockings/ tights. Very versatile, I’ll say. Well worth the hold [for 9 years] and the time it took to remake.

Would I do it again? Great question. As a beginning sewer, no!

There were so many things that I did not know and had no previous knowledge of that I had to learn on the spot and do on the spot, and my teacher- my teacher! she did not let up on me at all.

Overall, it was worth it. My very first sewing project. Now I have another reason to be proud of this piece.

Back of dress

Halter portion which was replaced with silk waistband.

Thanks for checking back!

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1st Post Of The Year! (w/ photos)

Let’s pretend that my intentions of posting regularly hasn’t fallen short. I mean, can we just pretend for a moment that I’ve been doing a great job (two thumbs up) with blogging about wonderful thrift finds? Come on, humor me a little.

In all sincerity thank you for hanging in there with me.

Now, for my 1st post of the year!

What I’m going to show you wasn’t a “thrift” find, but I did get this piece on sale 9 years ago! And guess what? I’ve never worn it! Nope, never. I mention in my Welcome Fall post that I have several pieces in my closet that I’ve never worn and have held on to, because I may have not had something to pair it with. Sometimes I envision what I want a completed outfit to look like around the focus piece. Often times I don’t have the other item(s) to complete the look, and I’ll end up holding on to it (whatever it is) until I have what I’m looking for.

My mother still has things from the 90’s in her closet. So, I get it. I understand it, and I Get It From My Mama. There really is something to pulling some thing out of your closet that you’ve kept in pristine condition for years. It’s the sentimental aspect of it and something to be proud of.

The back story of this piece that I’m going to show you is that:

I purchased it 9 years ago.

Have never worn it.

It cost me $14.99 from a BOGO for 1 cent.

and lastly, It use to be a halter dress. Yes, a very ugly unbecoming loose fitting halter dress. The bottom portion of the dress was what I loved. The top!? Oh dear. Just poorly made. Check out the photos below.

The back of the dress.

The halter portion of the dress.

Now, to the eye this thing is cute-and it was, but once I put it on…THAT was the kicker! As you can probably tell the halter wasn’t supportive; where’s The Wire in this thing? 😉 (Shout out to Wood Harris). It didn’t fit the bossom or back. It wasn’t snug in any place. The halter, instead of falling under the breast it fell in the middle! The length stopped in an awkward place above the knees. There were just soooo many things off about this dress. But I didn’t want to give it away because I was so attached to the tulle fabric and the silk ribbon and the ruffles and all the girly things about it.

Full length of dress.

I should have tried on the dress so that you could see exactly what I’m talking, but I was so over haven’t done anything with it in so long that I just wanted to take a few photos and just stuff the thing in my sewing bag.

Welllll my dear friends, I have FINALLY given this halter a new reason for existence.

Drumroll please🥁……………..

Oops! We’re having technical difficulty uploading this photo. Subscribers, please check back again tomorrow to see what I did with the halter dress.


NATURAL HAIR (product feature w/ pics!)

Back this summer I was looking to add to my hair product stock. The few products that I do own suffices for my hair regime. I have Blue Magic which is a classic–a must have to remind me of the days of my youth, Sulfer 8, Indian Hemp, and Paul Mitchells’ Generic Line Leave-In Conditioner. That’s it. Years ago I stopped ‘oooh’ing’ and ‘aww’ing’ over the counsel given to me by popular YouTuber’s about the latest trend in Natural Hair products. For one, those products cost! Five different kinds of name brand natural hair products adds up! Two, everything does not make your hair grow faster. Sorry ladies. hashtag Truth. Once I realized that growing natural hair is about care (how you treat the hair) first, and thennnnn care mixed with the right products, I began to simply focus on caring for my hair.

And so back this summer, as I was saying, I wanted to add something to my current stock, but I didn’t want anything on the market at WalMart. I wanted plain ol’ natural. It wasn’t shortly after searching the internet for my local natural product makers that a friend of mine introduced me to JB Naturals. I was grateful that my search was cut short by my friend’s recommendation.

After I got the chance to speak with Keisha, the Florida based owner of JB Naturals, I went to her website JB Naturals to check out her products. Obviously I was super excited to see that she has an ALL NATURAL line of hair care products! I ordered three of her products:

•Growth Oil,

•Leave-In Conditioner,

•Aloe Revitalizer Spray (see website for pic).


I committed to using the products for 60 days! I know, right? 60 days?? Geeez! I felt that was sufficient time to really see the product work for my hair, and it was worth every week!

Here is how I used the product:

The first 30 days: I used the growth oil almost daily on my scalp. I massaged my scalp for penetration and circulation. When I’d do my two-strand twist I’d use the oil on my twist along with the conditioner. I used the Aloe Revitalizer spray to mist my strands after a few days before repeating the method above. After 30 days I changed up my regimen and appreciated the product more using this method:

Lightly damped my hair using the Aloe Revitalizer. Then I put a small amount of Leave-In on my strands and combed through using my fingers. Then I added a small amount of growth oil to my strands. This go’round I got the idea to use the Aloe Spray after a scalp massage because the aloe and oil in the spray cooled and calmed my scalp. This method was the best method for my 4C type hair be-cause this way allowed my hair to receive the nutrients needed without over doing it.

After completing my 60 days I went to get my hair blown out professionally to reeeally see how the product took to my hair shaft (the portion that grows out the scalp, which is really dead hair). My hair was shiny and it also appeared fuller. I could also see that my hair had grown due to the fact that some of the shorter strands of my hair had caught up to the longer strands.

Nooooow, do you see why trying a product for 60 days is necessary? I allowed myself room to really test the products and try different methods for applications.

After using JB Naturals I definitely am a FAN people! (LOL)

Here are my stars:

∗1. It’s a virgin. Straight up untouched by chemicals!

*2. A little went a long way! The Growth Oil especially can keep the scalp oiled for 2 to 3 days (depending on the scalp’s and hair’s need for moisture). The Leave-In Conditioner was great for conditioning my ends regularly and I only needed a lil’bit.

*3. My hair was more manageable and shiny.

*4. The products have a wonderful smell that’s not overwhelming.

*5. The pictures below are reason enough for my 5 STARS!

Pics of my hair August 1st 2018

Pics of my hair October 11th 2018


Pic 1 (my apologies it’s so blurry)- My hair blown after my wash and condition. I can see that I had some fill in and I can tell that it grew, but I also see where it was due for a trim.

hair 2

Pic 2- After It was trimmed about 1.25 inches all over.

hair 3

Pic 3- Before getting ready for bed I put rollers in it then wrapped it. Can you see the ‘fullness thereof’! (LOLOLOL).

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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Instagram: @jb_naturals

Facebook: @JB Naturals

Web page: http://www.jbnaturalshairproducts.com


Welcome Fall

Summer use to be my favorite time of  the year, but now I am a Fall lover! Fall is sooo beautiful. The leaves changing. The hot chocolate. All the Pumkin Spice that you can ever get in any and everything! I mean seriously, it’s kind of gotten out of hand. How much Pumpkin Spice para can you accumulate? I bet you there is crayon that smells like Pumpkin Spice. Kids just be snackin’ on crayons in class (LOL)!!

I digressed. my apologies.

The number one reason I love fall is because the weather is nearly perfect. It’s not unbearably hot outside. It’s cooling down as we’re saying goodbye to summer without directly rushing into winter.  That makes for a wonderful opportunity to get in that last summer itch of wearing certain items without having to pull out the storage bins and swap them for heavy winter clothes. The remedy, layering! Yes, put on and take off while still keeping in step with the changing weather.  Another plus is that your makeup keeps a nice finish without that mucky feeling from the summer heat nor will it dry out from the harsh cold weather.

The morning I wore this outfit it started out cloudy and slightly cool, and I got a we bit excited about the changing weather and  I was able to get away with a little layering-just for a little while, with emphases on little.  Long enough to be cute for breakfast and take my photos. The heat quickly climbed up afterwards, but that’s Fall doing it’s thing, changing.

Check out how I chose keep in step with the changing weather on this day.


Believe it or not I’ve had this vest for 8 years. First time wearing it on this day. I got this vest on sale at Wet Seals when they had their BOGO for a penny. This vest was apart of their Urban Vibe line they introduced around 2010 in an effort to expand their design to the more punk rock style.  I love that this vest is of the boyfriend trend: baggy and loose fitting male inspired clothing, but still able to be made feminine by your other clothing items that you pair with that look.

This vest was great for my early breakfast and I could easily take it off once it started to get hot outside. Shorts are still wearable for a while until they’re not. At least not without leggings under them. We live in that time now where fashion almost has no boundaries. I just wore white after labor day. And nobody had better looked at me sideways 🙂 LMBO!





Switching it up for a summer/fall look.

Quick story about the purse. I saw this purse about 4 to 5 years ago at Target. Fell in love with the burgundy color but at the time this purse was about $44.00. I probably didn’t have the money then, so I settled for the grey one just like it which was on sale. Praise be that I came across this purse at Goodwill. Scroll down to see how much I got it for!



The Accessories

These cobalt blue earrings wrapped in gold wiring also brought out the color and pattern in my shirt. Initially trying the shirt on it was very dark which I think  had something to do with the dark bottoms that I had on at the time. These earrings and the necklace really gave this shirt a lift. So, remember that your dark colors can always be lifted with accessories that are of lighter colors. Also if you wear a patterned shirt as I have on here, you can wear accessories that focus on one of the colors in the shirt which also help to bring out that particular color.

Cute, right?

I accomplished two things with this look: Keeping it casual yet cute, and showcasing my summer shorts with a transitional piece, the vest.

Let me know what you think!

Check back for my NATURAL HAIR Product BLOG FEATURE!!

Vest @ Wet Seals BOGO for ¢1.

Shirt@ Thrift store, $4-$5

Purse@ Goodwill, $4.23

Earrings @ Thrift store, $2.00

Necklace @ Goodwill, $5.00

Been a long time, I should’na left you…

Howdy! I’ve missed you guys!! It’s been about three months since I’ve posted. YOWZERS!! Where does the time go? I remember reading blogs and watching YouTubers explain why they had been offline for so long. It was always: “life got in the way,” “haven’t had time,” “been so busy…” YadahYadah, right?  I use to think to myself you ain’t got that much going on (blank stare) as I continued watching their videos anxiously waiting for them to close their traps and get to the fun part. Life has a funny way of sometimes allowing you to experience similar things that you once challenged, and nooooow I totally get it!  Life really does happen to us all sometimes creating delays in our work and hobbies. So, as with me, life was just happening to a sistah, oh yes, and (I almost forgot) I’ve been reading this book which has been impactful in my thrifting so much so that I haven’t thrifted for clothes since July!  Definitely have to share that book and my experience with you all in a future post.

Well, it’s fall now, so lets move forward into this season together, again 🙂

A new post is coming soon! Like today or tomorrow? Yes!


My Spirit of the 4th


HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

Wanted to share my Flag spirit with my THRIFT finds, and those glasses (above) cost me ¢99!! I got them about a month ago.  These glasses along with my earrings gave my outfit the American spirit it needed. Check out my photos!



You guys know that I am a fan of stripes! It’s the first pattern I tend to pick up when I thrift shop. It’s a pattern that stands out.  The single stripe down the sleeve made me think of pairing it with a bright solid bottom. You can also put this shirt with jeans, a business skirt– you can basically dress it up and down for your desired look!

The Accessories,

These earrings are not from my thrift finds, BUT they were $2.00 at WalMart. I added these to my outfit because I wanted to bring in the “yellow stars” without them actually being stars. It was more about the color.

The same day that I purchased my Flag Shades, I saw these bright cobalt blue earrings! Couldn’t resist! 07-02a

Shades: ¢99, Top: $4.00. Shorts: $5.00, Star Cobalt Blue Earrings: $1.99, Necklace: $4.99

For other RED, WHITE, and BLUE photos check out His Fedora continued…


Hope you enjoyed my 4th of July thrift finds! Show your ‘spirit of the 4th’  with your own style.

Be safe. Enjoy your family, friends, and good ol’ BAR-B-QUE!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!








Stripe Me Down

The day that I was going to write this post I had purchased two items: a 2 piece set and a pair of silk green pants. I was super excited about these two purchases because the 2 piece alone was just killer, and green is my favorite color. Those silk green pants were right on the money, AND speaking of money, I found $3.00 in the pants pocket! Whaaaaat?

But first I needed to clean and prep my garments.

I’ll be if I didn’t go through the fire cleaning my 2 piece! It was as if life was saying, Oh I’m gonna give you a story to write about.  I think I must have prayed about 10 times cleaning this outfit!!

What had happen’ was, I mistakenly put my silk green pants in with the black and white 2 piece not even thinking. Still had my wash settings on the low gentle cycle. When I went to open my washer ALL I SAW WAS GREEN! Water, GREEN! White stripes, GREEN! Collar, GREEN!  AGHHHHHHH!!!! Quick Quick! Turned off the washer, snatched the green pants out and sat them on the dryer still soaking wet. Started my cycle wash all over again. Then washed the 2 piece in the tub. Took it out. Doused the white collar and sleeves in OXY Stain Remover (great product). Scrub scrub srcub- frantically!  Wash. Scrub. Repeat. I repeated this entire thing about 5 times! Do you know how much water that is being used?!

Finally I said, “Bump it.” It would either come clean enough to where I could rock it out, or rock it to bed.

Let’s just say that morning came and I was content enough to rock it out.

The Outfit:  When I tried on the outfit I loved the baggy look, and this outfit took me back to 1999.  After washing it so much it did change the fit but not drastically.

06-23The Accessories,


2 Piece: $9.99 @ Salvation Army

Necklace: $4.00 @ Goodwill

Earrings: From a dear woman

To bring the two post together: Cleaning your Thrifted garments and this post,  challenges can happen either by your own mistakes or from the cleaners. Sometimes you’re taking a chance with doing both. Read your labels and consider how to wash the item; especially, if it’s a delicate item.

Let me know your thoughts!

Cleaning your Thrifted garments.

Lengthy post but informative. It’s a 3 in 1. The overall take away is based on the title of this post, but I’ve included one personal story in this post, and attached another in the link. All very relevant to this post.  Happy Reading 🙂

Cleaning your THRIFTED garments.  Listen people, you don’t have to send your stuff to the cleaners- not all of it anyway.

When I first started thrifting years ago I sent everything to the cleaners. Everything. My cleaner bill would be between $20-$70! Back then it was “ok” because I didn’t thrift often and the cost every now-and-again wasn’t too bad.  As I started thrifting more you can image that $20-$70 adds up, and most importantly thrifting stopped making sense if I had purchased a $5.00 blouse and then turned around and paid $10-$20 just to have it cleaned. I should have just purchased a new shirt. But I just believed that the only way for my thrifted garments to not feel or smell thrifted was to send them off to the pros….yeeeeeaaaah, about that. The “pros” are not always pros at what they do. That’s story # 1. Keep reading.

Once I could no longer afford to send my clothes to the cleaners I took a chance a cleaned them myself.  I took time to read the tags and then researched on cleaning the particular material. Set my washer to the necessary temperature and washed everything on a low gentle cycle. After removing them from the washer I gave them a good shake and pull to straighten out the garment and then hung them to dry. BAM!


No bill.

Saved money.

I was quite surprised at the condition of my clothes from my own efforts. They were clean. They smelled so much better than when I’d send them off, and they weren’t faded nor had they shrunk.  I quickly became my own dry cleaning service.

There are some things that I just won’t clean: wool coats, sequin items. Things that seem extremely delicate I’ll take them to the cleaners because I don’t have the equipment to keep them from shrinking, or tearing, or burning.

Before I end this article lets digress right here for a moment. I wanna talk about these “Professional Cleaners”.  Shaking my head

On a thrift hunt I found a: $6.00 Green (favorite color), Nite Line, sequin, short sleeved dress, down in a part of Alabama that I’d never even heard of.  Sent it to the cleaners. As a matter of fact, I sent it to my mom’s cleaners that she’d been going to for yeeeeeeeeears. I was just that careful not to send it to a random spot. Couldn’t wait to pickup the dress. Got to the store. They showed me the dress and it seemed to be in good condition.  Got home (shaking my head). Pulled off the bag. Tried on the dress. Dress still fit fine…..

Stepped into the light like Carol Anne from the Poltergeist in 1982…

There it was! A BIG STEAMED STAINED IRONING BOARD PRINT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY DRESS! The steam had faded that portion of sequins from green to now having silver streaks in them! From the neck to the bottom of the dress you could see where they had laid the dress on the steamer, pressed down, and  let it sit from years-obviously!  Surrounding this steamed iron print were the sequins that were still very shiny and green. Half of my dress was sparkly, and the other hair was dull.

I called them knowing that they would deny or blame it on the dress. There was no hope of recovering my money. I actually didn’t care about getting a refund because the dress was more valuable to me, and they couldn’t replace that.  Straight up devastation.

I went online and looked for the dress. I found it! Not!  Couldn’t find the dress  itself but I looked for the green sequins hoping maybe that I could just resew new sequins on. I looked for a few fashion designers in Atlanta who could take on the project. Everything was a flop. I chalked it up as a loss and hung the dress back in my closet hoping for a miracle.

Well, months later…. a miracle came. Was searching online again for the dress, and there is was (different design), but same color sequin and same designer. The dress cost between $60-$70, but I was so thankful to God that I had come across it. Here was the dilemma. LOL. Yes, there was a dilemma. When I saw the dress I was faced with paying my tithes or recovering my loss. Don’t act!   See, I had just paid all my bills and only my tithes were left in my account. “Looooord, I’m going to pay my tithes, and if this dress is still here when I get paid again I’ll buy it.”

Needless to say, the dress is hanging in my closet. I have NOT sent it to the cleaners because after that I reeeeeally cut back on sending stuff to the cleaners. I will try it myself! before I send it out. That’s story #2. Click here Stripe Me Down