Beautiful Brunch at Poppy Seed, Newtown

Last Sunday, we went out looking for a classy but not over the top breakfast spot with solid vegan options. We found all that and more at Poppy Seed, nested on a quiet Newtown side street.


  • Louboutins for SALE!!

    Hello my thrifting community friends! I hope that you all are gearing up for the Christmas holidays. I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of the year. There is this cheerful expectation that I get around this time. After a long year full of many emotions, situations, losses, pain, happiness, … I look forward…


  • Making Mommy Moves

    Although I’ve been a Stay-at-home mom for five years, being home these days is just a weeeee bit more challenging; primarily, due to the fact that now I am home ALL day with my children. No daycare. No dropping them off with their grandparents. No random fieldtrips or quick breaks to the store. No off…


  • Part 2: The Interview. Shopping with a Purpose at ATL Community Thrift w/ Shaundra Battle.

    In spite of everything taking place surrounding COVID-19 here’s a bit of encouragement for ya: Positive things are still happening in the world! I was thrilled at the news of someone in my circle of friends tackling a new venture during this time, and I could not be more excited that it was the opening…


  • Part I: The Experience. Thrifting at ATLCommunityTHRIFT

    Before entering ATL Community Thrift [ATLCT from here on out] I was greeted with a Krispy Kreme Doughnut by a dear friend of mine. Doughnuts and thrifting? I’m•here•for•it! The grand opening was wonderful a Thrfiters’ dream come true.  I took notice of so many aspects of the store to which I wanted to share.  This…


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  • Easing into summer

    The summer is approaching… well, really it’s here and as I’ve mentioned in my Instagram post it’s HOT in Atlanta! I love hot weather, I really do. I never mind being in the sun for long periods of time and summertime makes me extremely happy. It’s the season of the year when hopefully you get…


  • Stay Golden.

    When thrifting I tend to head straight toward the dress section. Dresses for me is a garment that I dont have to overthink as far as pairing. Dresses are an easy #thrifted item to put on and take off with minimal effort of styling. Sometimes when I simply want to put on pants and a…