Wrap Around

I was never a huge fan of wrap dresses, but I came across this soft hunter green Banana Republic dress while THRIFTING and thought I’d try it on.  First, I love the color. The soft green looked great against my skin. The other thing I like about this dress is the simplicity. No patterns, no designs– simple, a simple quality dress.  This is a very feminine dress: the deep v around the cleavage without showing too much, the belt cinches in the waist allowing the bottom half to fall around the hips in a pleasant way without bringing too much focus to the buttocks :-),

                 oh, and I love the leg action when I cross my legs (ooh-la-la).

So, this dress is another piece to add to my ‘look decent without having to do too much’ wardrobe.




I’ve worn this dress before and added gold accessories, but this time I wanted to add the red accessories which  surprisingly paired really great with this dress! I love the attention to my neck and to my clutch, my accessories don’t get lost in the outfit but these pieces actually make this outfit. Never woulda thunk it!

The necklace was gifted to me a while ago and I’ve worn it twice. I wasn’t sure of what to wear it with because it seemed kind of island-ish to me. Like something to wear to the Bahamas or a Luau, but it came through for this dinner date with my husband! YASS! (Palms face) I dreeead that word! but it felt unavoidable just then.


This clutch was gifted to me from a client, an older gentleman. I was helping clean out his house and he had: this clutch, a vintage Dooney & Burke shoulder purse, and an old Vinyl record player that he let me have. I asked for them of course because he was just going to toss them!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Talk about someone’s trash being someone else’s treasure.


A simple watch and a few rings kept it youthful.


I was looking for a picture of the leg action that I mentioned above- HERE IT IS! Leg action!

THIS ONE IS FOR MOM, or should I say FROM MOM!

This photo is a little blurry but my moooom loved my outfit and wanted to take a few photos of me. The photos were *clears throat* cute. I took a look at them and pointed out a few things, but she didn’t care and probably would have wanted me to post them all: cut off leg, dog in the way, dress twsited, eyes closed– JUST POST THEM!! Well,  for her efforts I told her I’d showcase her new found calling of photography to the world.  Yay mom.

Love you mom :-*






Dress: $7.00 @ Goodwill

Necklace: Gifted

Purse: Trash to treasure

Cross Ring: Found on the ground

Shoes: NOT thrifted. Definitely going to do a blog on those one day!

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