His Fedora

Sometimes I never get into certain things until it has been passed on to me from someone else.  I’ve walked passed certain things at the store simply because it didn’t catch my eye or maybe I saw it somewhere and promised to purchase it if I came across it again. Well, I’ve come across many of those “wish list” items and never picked them up, and a Fedora is one of those things.

After my grandfather passed my mother went through a few boxes of his. She’d held onto those things ever since he’d been in a nursing home.  Papers upon papers. Letters and bills. Prescriptions and client information. Some of those documents were full of juicy devilish writings that gave us insight into what he really did. Amongst those boxes were a few things that I was actually glad she held onto.

My grandfather and I were not close, but we weren’t distant. I remember being a child and he’d pay my sister and I $5.00 to keep watch over his office. I’m not sure about the ‘watching his office’ part, but I enjoyed getting a few dollars to watch T.V and eat lunch!!

He became sicker as he aged and after a while he became bed-ridden.

While sorting through his boxes my sister pulled out this hat and immediately thought of me.  When she called to ask me about it I could hear in her voice that it was nothing she wanted but figured it would suit my taste. Sure enough she was correct. I saw it. I liked it. I fell in love with it. Nothing I’d ever purchased, but I was sold on just how chic a fedora is, and it became one of those things that from then on would catch my eye.  Although I can’t say “I purchased this cuteness at a discounted price from a thrift store”,  I will say that this hat is better than a thrift find. The memories of my youth, my granddaddy’s active years, and simply memories of him–priceless.

This was His Fedora.



Check back to see more pictures and details of me in His Fedora!

6 responses to “His Fedora”

  1. I love fedoras and that one has a unique look. They also look good on most people, men and women. What a wonderful memory piece. Every wear, you’ll be
    showing off your daughter/grandfather style.


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