His Fedora continued…

05-18ha and this is how I wear it,

with a nice spring/ summer dress and my favorite easy to walk-in heels.

This fedora is made of straw and is suitable for spring, summer, and early fall.  The band around my hat matches the color of my shoes; which, I enjoy spacing my colors out from time to time and not having one color crowded in one area of my outfit. When I don’t want to be ‘matchy-matchy but not tacky’ I try to pick up the color in another area of whatever I’m wearing.

Now for the thrift finds…

My dress is not a thrift find but it was a CLEARANCE item from TJ Maxx! A steal is a steal anywhere, right? I saw this dress and again it was a dress that I wouldn’t typically buy. I was never a fan of the high-low trend, but I tried it on and WAHLAH! Trying on pieces works for me. I can’t just pick it up, put it in the cart and buy it. I HAVE TO TRY IT ON. A lot of times I find that something is or isn’t ‘what it is’ on the hanger.  I hate getting excited about something that I’ve found and getting home only to be disappointed.  So, tip # 1– TRY ON YOUR STUFF!!



I was at a thrift store in Kennesaw , GA and I picked up this bag and pondered over it from the time I put it in the buggy up until I got to the counter.  Was never a fan of big bags with tons of space but no compartments.  It seems like I’m not a fan of allot of things (LOL), but I just– screw it! I’m just not a fan of a lot of things.  All throughout the store I’m wondering if I want this cheaply priced bag or nah. One moment it’s on my shoulder and I’m twirling in the mirror, then it’s down by my side. Up on my shoulder, down by my side. I couldn’t make up my mind. I didn’t have a bag this color, style, nor size so I kept it in the buggy just in case I decided to get it I wanted to have it.

I get to the register and sloooooowly put the bag on the counter (still trying to make up my mind), a woman behind me said, “That is a cute purse. Is that real leather? Oooooh, that’s nice.”  INSTANTLY! Like within a matter of seconds I was fan!! Tip # 2, if somebody compliments you on something that you’ve been pondering ESPECIALLY while thrifting this means that you got somethin’ good, now hold on to it!  Once I got home and was able to see the purse in better lighting I noticed that it was a new bag! Quality leather, no stitches unraveling, no color fading. The zipper wasn’t broke and the tassels were full and not missing! THIS PURSE WAS A STEAL! The bonus was one year for Christmas I was gifted the red wallet (see photo below) which went perfectly with this bag!!


Ear Piece

These vintage earrings added a little elegance to my look. I love vintage earrings because I find that many of them are just classy… and sparkly… and dazzlely… and dainty.  I love how they sit on the earlobe, and don’t tilt to the front almost like they’re falling off because you didn’t match the correct backs with them *blank stare*.  Seems like I never have the right earring backs when I need them, but these you sit them on the ear and screw to your comfort.




The complete look



Fedora: was my granddaddy’s- Check out the story behind His Fedora

Dress: $10-$11 @ TJ Maxx

Purse: $5.00 @ America’s Thrift Store

Earrings: from a dear woman

Shoes: $70-$80 @ Dillards

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