Opposites Attract

As I was ironing my clothes, my husband took a look at my outfit (with his nose turned up) and said, “You can’t wear polka-dots and stripes together. Isn’t that against the rules? Or is this now acceptable?”  I laughed as I thought about the many times he’d always given his opinion of my fashion choices–typically without my asking.

“Babe, you can wear anything nowadays.”

And that is true! In today’s world you can get away with practically putting any combination of clothing, colors, styles, and patterns together.  Polka-dots and stripes is one of those things! I love that combination because it can take a plain’ol outfit and turn it into something fun and funky when you eliminate a portion of the pattern (dots or stripes) and combine it with the opposite. So, instead of turning your nose up you may find that opposites actually do attract.

I found the top at a Goodwill. I loved the nude and black together as well as the fact that I could wear this shirt throughout the year. The fabric is really light and breathable, and the quarter turtleneck is not unbearable in summer weather.  I would not wear this shirt if the temperature in the summer is extremely hot simply because I can see the collar being a bother, but for a mild day or an over cast day it’s suitable.

I had the shirt for a while before I ran across the pants at another thrift store in Smyrna! It wasn’t a Goodwill either.  When I ran across the pants I immediately thought of the shirt I purchased a few months back. I was crossing my fingers hoping that I had found the perfect mix-match. When I got home to put the two pieces together and saw that they were the perfect mix-match I became excited about the vision that I had in mind for wearing the two.

The stripes in the shirt were comparable in size to the dots in the pants. One pattern didn’t swallow the other, and the nude color of the pants was spot on (two thumbs up for the play on words, Dana) with the nude color of the shirt.  Check out the photos below!




I tried on other shoes with this look, but I like the simple black leather shoe with just the ankle strap and a peep toe.

The Accessories…

I found these earrings on sale for $3.00!  The spin on a stud earring was pretty cool to me. Sometimes I only want to wear studs and these little funky fur balls allow me to do that but with some brrrr to this simple outfit.

My arm charm by,

Sometimes I am item specific about certain things in my closet. I will hold onto something for a while (the shirt in this post applies) before I wear it simply because I’m holding out until I have the right outfit, shoes, or hairstyle (sometimes it maybe all three!). There are things in my closet til this day that I’ve had for years now for that reason, and although I recently purchased this bracelet I still wanted to wear it with the right outfit.

When I saw this bracelet I had to purchase it! Those black matte beads with the single black glossy stripe circling it was what I really loved about this bracelet! Oh, and of course that Red Bottom Charm was the icing on this beauty! The combination of the beads and the diamond gold ringlets just screamed MODERN, ELEGANT, AND FASHIONABLE! Which is why I love to wear Wrist Royalty Beaded Bracelets! You can stack them or keep it simple with a single bracelet either of which can be custom made to your liking! Everyone that I’ve meet with these bracelets love how personal they are to themselves and or for others they’ve purchase them for (clearly, these make great gifts for men, women, teens, and kids).  I’ve never  purchased a beaded bracelet– it’s just one of those things that I wasn’t a fan of, but these bracelets aren’t just bracelets that you wear and toss– these are you! And this Red Bottom Matte Black was ME!  The Red Bottom and the red lip- so my style.

If you want your wrist personalized and to see more pics of the arm charm, Check out @Wrist_Royalty  on Instagram! For those in the Atlanta area be sure to follow Wrist Royalty to see where you can purchase your bracelets!

Shirt-$6.00 @ Goodwill

Pants-$4.00 @ Thrift store in Smyrna

Earrings-$3.00 @ K&G


11 responses to “Opposites Attract”

  1. Mrs. Dana L,

    I have been following your blog and I have to say this is my favorite color so far! As a busy mother of three I rarely have time to think of fashionable outfits But of course I want to keep my husbands eye and be stylish. More recently I have stepped out of the habit of wearing sneakers and leggings everywhere I go and I am stepping more into of a mature look. The polkadots and stripes being put together I would’ve never thought of, Thank you for opening my mind about with fashion truly is. Thanks for sharing affordable ways to look fierce.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing your personal fashion experience at this stage of your life. I too will throw on some jeans and BUSTED tennis shoes in a heartbeat! My mom hates that, but it’s sooo comfortable. Glad that you are branching out, and glad that this site encourages you to do that 🙂

      Happy Thrifting!


  2. Dana, I really love the mix of polka dots and stripes! They look really amazing together! I was just telling my husband the other day that you can wear any color/pattern combination these days. You are so right about that. Of course, I love the custom red bottom bracelet because I designed it for you. 😊 It really looks great with the outfit! Thanks for shouting out Wrist Royalty and thank you for all of your support! By the way, I love your blog! Keep up the good work! ❤️💕💋

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Levura!!!

    I am glad you love this look honey! Next time I see you I hope you have on something similar 🙂


  4. Hey Mrs. Colortagz I love your new blogs so educational, funny, enlightening, and of course fashionable. I’m so very proud of you Dana. My prayers are always with you no matter what you endeavor to do. Keep up the good work and keep doing you!! Love you!💞

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tsuyoko,
      Hey! Thanks for the love! If you ever put this outfit together on your own please share your pics!
      Would love to see them 🙂


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