Stripe Me Down

The day that I was going to write this post I had purchased two items: a 2 piece set and a pair of silk green pants. I was super excited about these two purchases because the 2 piece alone was just killer, and green is my favorite color. Those silk green pants were right on the money, AND speaking of money, I found $3.00 in the pants pocket! Whaaaaat?

But first I needed to clean and prep my garments.

I’ll be if I didn’t go through the fire cleaning my 2 piece! It was as if life was saying, Oh I’m gonna give you a story to write about.  I think I must have prayed about 10 times cleaning this outfit!!

What had happen’ was, I mistakenly put my silk green pants in with the black and white 2 piece not even thinking. Still had my wash settings on the low gentle cycle. When I went to open my washer ALL I SAW WAS GREEN! Water, GREEN! White stripes, GREEN! Collar, GREEN!  AGHHHHHHH!!!! Quick Quick! Turned off the washer, snatched the green pants out and sat them on the dryer still soaking wet. Started my cycle wash all over again. Then washed the 2 piece in the tub. Took it out. Doused the white collar and sleeves in OXY Stain Remover (great product). Scrub scrub srcub- frantically!  Wash. Scrub. Repeat. I repeated this entire thing about 5 times! Do you know how much water that is being used?!

Finally I said, “Bump it.” It would either come clean enough to where I could rock it out, or rock it to bed.

Let’s just say that morning came and I was content enough to rock it out.

The Outfit:  When I tried on the outfit I loved the baggy look, and this outfit took me back to 1999.  After washing it so much it did change the fit but not drastically.

06-23The Accessories,


2 Piece: $9.99 @ Salvation Army

Necklace: $4.00 @ Goodwill

Earrings: From a dear woman

To bring the two post together: Cleaning your Thrifted garments and this post,  challenges can happen either by your own mistakes or from the cleaners. Sometimes you’re taking a chance with doing both. Read your labels and consider how to wash the item; especially, if it’s a delicate item.

Let me know your thoughts!

10 responses to “Stripe Me Down”

  1. This is super cute!! Accessories and all! Glad you were able to catch this mistake in a timely fashion… Awesome look! Awesome deal! I love thrifting!


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