Been a long time, I should’na left you…

Howdy! I’ve missed you guys!! It’s been about three months since I’ve posted. YOWZERS!! Where does the time go? I remember reading blogs and watching YouTubers explain why they had been offline for so long. It was always: “life got in the way,” “haven’t had time,” “been so busy…” YadahYadah, right?  I use to think to myself you ain’t got that much going on (blank stare) as I continued watching their videos anxiously waiting for them to close their traps and get to the fun part. Life has a funny way of sometimes allowing you to experience similar things that you once challenged, and nooooow I totally get it!  Life really does happen to us all sometimes creating delays in our work and hobbies. So, as with me, life was just happening to a sistah, oh yes, and (I almost forgot) I’ve been reading this book which has been impactful in my thrifting so much so that I haven’t thrifted for clothes since July!  Definitely have to share that book and my experience with you all in a future post.

Well, it’s fall now, so lets move forward into this season together, again 🙂

A new post is coming soon! Like today or tomorrow? Yes!


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