Welcome Fall

Summer use to be my favorite time of  the year, but now I am a Fall lover! Fall is sooo beautiful. The leaves changing. The hot chocolate. All the Pumkin Spice that you can ever get in any and everything! I mean seriously, it’s kind of gotten out of hand. How much Pumpkin Spice para can you accumulate? I bet you there is crayon that smells like Pumpkin Spice. Kids just be snackin’ on crayons in class (LOL)!!

I digressed. my apologies.

The number one reason I love fall is because the weather is nearly perfect. It’s not unbearably hot outside. It’s cooling down as we’re saying goodbye to summer without directly rushing into winter.  That makes for a wonderful opportunity to get in that last summer itch of wearing certain items without having to pull out the storage bins and swap them for heavy winter clothes. The remedy, layering! Yes, put on and take off while still keeping in step with the changing weather.  Another plus is that your makeup keeps a nice finish without that mucky feeling from the summer heat nor will it dry out from the harsh cold weather.

The morning I wore this outfit it started out cloudy and slightly cool, and I got a we bit excited about the changing weather and  I was able to get away with a little layering-just for a little while, with emphases on little.  Long enough to be cute for breakfast and take my photos. The heat quickly climbed up afterwards, but that’s Fall doing it’s thing, changing.

Check out how I chose keep in step with the changing weather on this day.


Believe it or not I’ve had this vest for 8 years. First time wearing it on this day. I got this vest on sale at Wet Seals when they had their BOGO for a penny. This vest was apart of their Urban Vibe line they introduced around 2010 in an effort to expand their design to the more punk rock style.  I love that this vest is of the boyfriend trend: baggy and loose fitting male inspired clothing, but still able to be made feminine by your other clothing items that you pair with that look.

This vest was great for my early breakfast and I could easily take it off once it started to get hot outside. Shorts are still wearable for a while until they’re not. At least not without leggings under them. We live in that time now where fashion almost has no boundaries. I just wore white after labor day. And nobody had better looked at me sideways 🙂 LMBO!





Switching it up for a summer/fall look.

Quick story about the purse. I saw this purse about 4 to 5 years ago at Target. Fell in love with the burgundy color but at the time this purse was about $44.00. I probably didn’t have the money then, so I settled for the grey one just like it which was on sale. Praise be that I came across this purse at Goodwill. Scroll down to see how much I got it for!



The Accessories

These cobalt blue earrings wrapped in gold wiring also brought out the color and pattern in my shirt. Initially trying the shirt on it was very dark which I think  had something to do with the dark bottoms that I had on at the time. These earrings and the necklace really gave this shirt a lift. So, remember that your dark colors can always be lifted with accessories that are of lighter colors. Also if you wear a patterned shirt as I have on here, you can wear accessories that focus on one of the colors in the shirt which also help to bring out that particular color.

Cute, right?

I accomplished two things with this look: Keeping it casual yet cute, and showcasing my summer shorts with a transitional piece, the vest.

Let me know what you think!

Check back for my NATURAL HAIR Product BLOG FEATURE!!

Vest @ Wet Seals BOGO for ¢1.

Shirt@ Thrift store, $4-$5

Purse@ Goodwill, $4.23

Earrings @ Thrift store, $2.00

Necklace @ Goodwill, $5.00

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    • Hey T!
      Thanks for the love! Maybe I can let you borrow it one day❤️. But you’d have to come from Grayson to get it . 😂


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