NATURAL HAIR (product feature w/ pics!)

Back this summer I was looking to add to my hair product stock. The few products that I do own suffices for my hair regime. I have Blue Magic which is a classic–a must have to remind me of the days of my youth, Sulfer 8, Indian Hemp, and Paul Mitchells’ Generic Line Leave-In Conditioner. That’s it. Years ago I stopped ‘oooh’ing’ and ‘aww’ing’ over the counsel given to me by popular YouTuber’s about the latest trend in Natural Hair products. For one, those products cost! Five different kinds of name brand natural hair products adds up! Two, everything does not make your hair grow faster. Sorry ladies. hashtag Truth. Once I realized that growing natural hair is about care (how you treat the hair) first, and thennnnn care mixed with the right products, I began to simply focus on caring for my hair.

And so back this summer, as I was saying, I wanted to add something to my current stock, but I didn’t want anything on the market at WalMart. I wanted plain ol’ natural. It wasn’t shortly after searching the internet for my local natural product makers that a friend of mine introduced me to JB Naturals. I was grateful that my search was cut short by my friend’s recommendation.

After I got the chance to speak with Keisha, the Florida based owner of JB Naturals, I went to her website JB Naturals to check out her products. Obviously I was super excited to see that she has an ALL NATURAL line of hair care products! I ordered three of her products:

•Growth Oil,

•Leave-In Conditioner,

•Aloe Revitalizer Spray (see website for pic).


I committed to using the products for 60 days! I know, right? 60 days?? Geeez! I felt that was sufficient time to really see the product work for my hair, and it was worth every week!

Here is how I used the product:

The first 30 days: I used the growth oil almost daily on my scalp. I massaged my scalp for penetration and circulation. When I’d do my two-strand twist I’d use the oil on my twist along with the conditioner. I used the Aloe Revitalizer spray to mist my strands after a few days before repeating the method above. After 30 days I changed up my regimen and appreciated the product more using this method:

Lightly damped my hair using the Aloe Revitalizer. Then I put a small amount of Leave-In on my strands and combed through using my fingers. Then I added a small amount of growth oil to my strands. This go’round I got the idea to use the Aloe Spray after a scalp massage because the aloe and oil in the spray cooled and calmed my scalp. This method was the best method for my 4C type hair be-cause this way allowed my hair to receive the nutrients needed without over doing it.

After completing my 60 days I went to get my hair blown out professionally to reeeally see how the product took to my hair shaft (the portion that grows out the scalp, which is really dead hair). My hair was shiny and it also appeared fuller. I could also see that my hair had grown due to the fact that some of the shorter strands of my hair had caught up to the longer strands.

Nooooow, do you see why trying a product for 60 days is necessary? I allowed myself room to really test the products and try different methods for applications.

After using JB Naturals I definitely am a FAN people! (LOL)

Here are my stars:

∗1. It’s a virgin. Straight up untouched by chemicals!

*2. A little went a long way! The Growth Oil especially can keep the scalp oiled for 2 to 3 days (depending on the scalp’s and hair’s need for moisture). The Leave-In Conditioner was great for conditioning my ends regularly and I only needed a lil’bit.

*3. My hair was more manageable and shiny.

*4. The products have a wonderful smell that’s not overwhelming.

*5. The pictures below are reason enough for my 5 STARS!

Pics of my hair August 1st 2018

Pics of my hair October 11th 2018


Pic 1 (my apologies it’s so blurry)- My hair blown after my wash and condition. I can see that I had some fill in and I can tell that it grew, but I also see where it was due for a trim.

hair 2

Pic 2- After It was trimmed about 1.25 inches all over.

hair 3

Pic 3- Before getting ready for bed I put rollers in it then wrapped it. Can you see the ‘fullness thereof’! (LOLOLOL).

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Don’t forget to check out, like, repost, contact JB Naturals on:

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