The Halter Reveal

For all those wondering and waiting, this is what I did with the halter…

Tadaaaaah!!! I made it into a skirt!

I took the time to recreate something unwanted and unbecoming and made it into what I wanted. How cool, right?

It took time, and I’m still working on perfecting some areas in the waistband, buuut it is preeeetty much complete.

As you can see the bottom hasn’t changed. I merely did away with the halter-cut away with it 😂, added a silk-like fabric to match the silk on the tulle, and Whalah! 🧚🏾‍♀️ Easy as fairy dust. Yeah right.

This peice can easily be dressed up with a nice top and some heels, or you can dress it down with a playful T-shirt/tanktop and cute flats, ooorrrr you can really jazz it up with a sequins top or jacket and some funky stockings/ tights. Very versatile, I’ll say. Well worth the hold [for 9 years] and the time it took to remake.

Would I do it again? Great question. As a beginning sewer, no!

There were so many things that I did not know and had no previous knowledge of that I had to learn on the spot and do on the spot, and my teacher- my teacher! she did not let up on me at all.

Overall, it was worth it. My very first sewing project. Now I have another reason to be proud of this piece.

Back of dress

Halter portion which was replaced with silk waistband.

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1st Post Of The Year! (w/ photos)

Let’s pretend that my intentions of posting regularly hasn’t fallen short. I mean, can we just pretend for a moment that I’ve been doing a great job (two thumbs up) with blogging about wonderful thrift finds? Come on, humor me a little.

In all sincerity thank you for hanging in there with me.

Now, for my 1st post of the year!

What I’m going to show you wasn’t a “thrift” find, but I did get this piece on sale 9 years ago! And guess what? I’ve never worn it! Nope, never. I mention in my Welcome Fall post that I have several pieces in my closet that I’ve never worn and have held on to, because I may have not had something to pair it with. Sometimes I envision what I want a completed outfit to look like around the focus piece. Often times I don’t have the other item(s) to complete the look, and I’ll end up holding on to it (whatever it is) until I have what I’m looking for.

My mother still has things from the 90’s in her closet. So, I get it. I understand it, and I Get It From My Mama. There really is something to pulling some thing out of your closet that you’ve kept in pristine condition for years. It’s the sentimental aspect of it and something to be proud of.

The back story of this piece that I’m going to show you is that:

I purchased it 9 years ago.

Have never worn it.

It cost me $14.99 from a BOGO for 1 cent.

and lastly, It use to be a halter dress. Yes, a very ugly unbecoming loose fitting halter dress. The bottom portion of the dress was what I loved. The top!? Oh dear. Just poorly made. Check out the photos below.

The back of the dress.

The halter portion of the dress.

Now, to the eye this thing is cute-and it was, but once I put it on…THAT was the kicker! As you can probably tell the halter wasn’t supportive; where’s The Wire in this thing? 😉 (Shout out to Wood Harris). It didn’t fit the bossom or back. It wasn’t snug in any place. The halter, instead of falling under the breast it fell in the middle! The length stopped in an awkward place above the knees. There were just soooo many things off about this dress. But I didn’t want to give it away because I was so attached to the tulle fabric and the silk ribbon and the ruffles and all the girly things about it.

Full length of dress.

I should have tried on the dress so that you could see exactly what I’m talking, but I was so over haven’t done anything with it in so long that I just wanted to take a few photos and just stuff the thing in my sewing bag.

Welllll my dear friends, I have FINALLY given this halter a new reason for existence.

Drumroll please🥁……………..

Oops! We’re having technical difficulty uploading this photo. Subscribers, please check back again tomorrow to see what I did with the halter dress.