Stay Golden.

When thrifting I tend to head straight toward the dress section. Dresses for me is a garment that I dont have to overthink as far as pairing. Dresses are an easy #thrifted item to put on and take off with minimal effort of styling. Sometimes when I simply want to put on pants and a tshirt I’m bummed at all of my dresses 🤦🏾‍♀️- I have sooo many dresses! Well, when I purchased these futia pants I picked up a futia lace top to pair with them, but if you know me then you know I dont always like to match.

I purchased these Steve Madden heals on sale at a department store. The dark colors and flowery pattern with the rose gold really made me think versatility. Seriously, the number of things that could go with these shoes or not (see last line in paragraph above) is innumerable!

Some time after purchasing those shoes I thrifted my Golden Girls ‘Stay Golden’ tshirt. I mean the Golden Girls, classic TV show that I grew up watching. Why not have a tshirt?

Put this outfit on yesterday and I loved how everything fit together for my style:

Colors. Casual. Cute.

So, you dont have to leave the thrift store with all of your pieces being the same style, or overly dressy, or too casual…, nor do all of your pieces have to be from 1950- I’m just saying, my little thrifters.

Check out my photos below and tell me what you think!


I wanted my accessories to match a color in my shoes. This styling still keeps things coordinated. That’s the balanced person in me. Can’t be too crooked. Can’t be too straight. These rose gold earrings and choker, oh my gosh, too cute! And they were thrifted on separate occasions!–Get outta here.– SHE SHOOTS…SHE SCOOORES!

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Happy Thrifting!

2 responses to “Stay Golden.”

  1. Love this outfit, Dana! Great way to mix and match up the different pieces! Keep the posts and styling tips coming!


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