Easing into summer

The summer is approaching… well, really it’s here and as I’ve mentioned in my Instagram post it’s HOT in Atlanta! I love hot weather, I really do. I never mind being in the sun for long periods of time and summertime makes me extremely happy. It’s the season of the year when hopefully you get to reappear out of your winter hibernation slump refreshed and ready to enjoy life again. Take a vacation. Wear those cute summery outfits that have been lingering in the bottom of your drawers under all of that heavy winter stuff. Hangout a bit longer. Create summer memories- good ones, people.

Speaking of those summer pieces in the bottom of the drawer; I pulled out my summer trunk from the attic last week. It brought a little grin to my face when I held up a top from last summer. I suppose it was the sentiments of reminiscing about last summer: what I was wearing. What I was doing. The big smile came when I realized that, yes! I can still fit this! Take that winter fat! 

The one thing that has been constant in my past few summers is my straw fedora. The one I received after the passing of my grandfather. Check out my blog His Fedora  to read the story behind it. It’s breathable, lite, and wearable with many outfits. Also I can- if I choose too- add feathers or broaches to the ribbon to give it it’s own style.

I decided to pair my fedora this go’ round with a tunic top and my favorite jeans. The top I purchased at a thrift store (can’t recall which one). I saw it in a retail store but I didn’t purchase it. When I saw it at the thrift store…of course. 🙂

Thrifting can be beneficial in allowing you to try clothing and styles that you’d typically pass up any other day.

Check me out!

These tops were very popular about 3 years ago. Many women still wear these because you can wear them with pants, shorts, dresses (I’ve seen), and also as swimsuit cover ups.

Let’s talk about me ‘In Those Jeans’, Ginuwine.  That was for all of my year 2000 club folks. (LOL)!  Jeans: Old? Yes. Over worn? Yes. Washed out? Extremely! Name brand? Nope. Nothing special about these jeans except that they fit perfectly. I love when I don’t have to wear a belt with jeans. These particular ones don’t slide down to where I’m having to tug on a belt loop every minute- so annoying, right? Get yourself some of those jeans.

I’d like to draw your eyes toward my favorite pair of earrings in the pic above. These colorful babies- oh gosh, love love them! The colors remind me so much of the Indian culture with all of the colors in their fabrics and jewelry. I thought these earrings perfect for ‘sorta kinda’ adding a little dress up to this outfit.

My shoulder strap drawstring purse I thrifted from a vintage jewelry vendor at a hair salon. It’s big enough for my wallet and small travel hygiene items, aaaannnd hellooo its GREEN! My favorite color. Couldn’t just not get it.

This little feather necklace I purchased from J’ Mari Glamwear Collection. She sells $5.00 Paparazzi Jewelry.  I’ll be doing a post on my other paparazzi collection soon, so check back for that; especially, if you want some nice accessories for only $5.00! I’ll give her contact information and website for easy ordering.

The symmetrical appearance of the necklace and the neckline on my top was a subtle coordination. I think depending on the top and its neckline you should try to keep your jewelry with the same contour. In this case I chose to do that. I could have gone with a long hanging necklace which would have been fine also because helps to draw the eyes downward versus keeping the accessories in one location around the ears and neck.

Let me know your thoughts on this look and your favorite summertime must-haves, and what makes you ease into summer! For me it’s my fedora. 🙂


Top- $5.99 or so

Jeans- $6- $8

Purse- $5.00 (Hair Salon Vintage Jewelry Vendor)

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