Part I: The Experience. Thrifting at ATLCommunityTHRIFT

Before entering ATL Community Thrift [ATLCT from here on out] I was greeted with a Krispy Kreme Doughnut by a dear friend of mine. Doughnuts and thrifting? I’m•here•for•it!

The grand opening was wonderful a Thrfiters’ dream come true.  I took notice of so many aspects of the store to which I wanted to share.  This was my experience at ATLCT….

In the dress section.

The Store.

Getting oriented inside of the store wasn’t troubling at all.  When you enter the store, hanging from the ceiling and up on the walls is signage of each section.  The store wasn’t overwhelming in size to where one couldn’t walk through it in it’s entirety within an hour.  I probably went back around the store about two to three times.  It’s big enough to comfortably house a good selection of inventory in all areas: garments, shoes, housewares, luggage, office furniture, home furniture, household items, and more.

The Atmosphere.

Call me a prude, but the older I get the more I find that I am always looking for places of quietness.  Although I could hear the music —old-school jams—playing from the back of the store, I was EXTREMELY grateful my thoughts weren’t drowned out by it blaring over the speakers.  A few times I caught myself singing aloud and givin’ the floor my best foot shuffle.

Now, take a deep breath in….exhale out. Ahhhh….the beloved thrift store smell.

Sometimes with donated items coming from soooooo many environments in all kinds of conditions, thrift stores can tend to take on different smells; which, is to be expected. But I’m more prone to shop when I’m not leery of making a purchase because the smell in the store has sent my imagination into thinking that I am purchasing something that clearly smells like cat.  In short, at ATLCT the air was free and clear of such odors. *Round of applause here.*

The Inventory.

I kept my focus on what I was specifically looking for— something out of the dress, jewelry, and handbag section.  With such a vast inventory and a 10% Off Coupon at a NEW thrift store! it would have been too easy for me to stray from my shopping list.

There were large quantities of shoes that had been donated by a shoe vendor.  I picked up several pairs and was very pleased at their appearance.  It was obvious that the store wasn’t just putting ratty, funky, clearly over-worn shoes out for sale.

The housewares were categorized and easy to access.  Nothing worse than not being able to pick up a glass item because there are about 20 other glass items stacked either on top of it or around it!  There was also tons of lamps to choose from!  Books ( I ♥ books), there were lots of books also categorized according to subject.  I didn’t spend much time looking through the furniture or electronics, but from what I could see there were donated pieces that I would have purchased had I needed them.  I really do enjoy thrifting, but I’m not your hoarder-thrifter.  I steer away from the “purchase just because” mentality.  99.9 percent of the time I need a reason for pretty much everything I thrift.  A few furniture pieces that were extremely nice was almost worth reconsidering my do not purchase just because rule.

*click here www. for more of their inventory.*

The Employees

From the moment I walked into the store I was on a mission, and with no time to waste I QUICKLY darted to the section where I saw purses hanging.  In my haste I could still hear employees sporadically call out “Good Morning. Welcome to ATL Community Thrift. Let us know if we can assist you with anything.”  Some of the employees seemed to be finishing up a few last minute To-Do’s, but they weren’t so engulfed in their duties to stop what they were doing and come over to greet me.  Being acknowledged entering into the store was the next thing (after my doughnut, of course) that I remember about my shopping experience.
I was so busy fingering through the racks that I almost hadn’t noticed the female employee asking if I needed assistance.  She took a look over my items and wanted to ensure that I could fit everything before leaving the store.  Many stores were no longer allowing customers to try on their clothes due to COVID-19.  We held up each item individually to determine what I could and could not fit.  I put back the blouse because the young lady suggested that it may be a bit snug over my bust area. LOL. I knew she was correct, but I was hoping to get away with my extra small top. What? It was cute. 😊 As you can see, the employees are helpful and attentive.

Pricing of Items.

Everything was appropriately priced for the kind of thrift store it is.  It’s not your ‘off the beaten path’ store where majority of everything you find is under five dollars with the exception of furniture and electronics.  This store is located in a nice area in Austell, Ga., surrounded by other nice plazas.  I was able to get 10 items for $75.00 before my 10% Off Coupon was applied. Satisfied customer? Uh, YEAH!

A look at my purchases

St Gillian Silk Vintage Dress- $8.99
Floor length Cover-up – $8.99
Low riding hip jeans in new condition- $7.99
Neiman Marcus Tote (new) – $7.99

Not pictured :

  • Shimmery green skirt (BRAND NEW) with original tag priced at $90.00. Purchased for $6.99. Gonna do a separate post on this skirt.
  • 3 necklaces: 5.00 each, a pair of earrings $2.00, and a ring $4.00

You guys,

I give ATL Community Thrift a rating of …..5 stars!


and because I had such an amazing time at the opening that I had to sit down with Shaundra, thee Marketing and Logistics Director of ATL Community Thrift to share my experience, and to interview her! Part 2: The Interview. Shopping with a Purpose at ATL Community Thrift w/ Shaundra Battle.

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