Louboutins for SALE!!

Hello my thrifting community friends! I hope that you all are gearing up for the Christmas holidays. I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of the year. There is this cheerful expectation that I get around this time. After a long year full of many emotions, situations, losses, pain, happiness, … I look forward to what this holiday brings for me: joy, music, smiles, hot cocoa, Christmas stockings hanging on mantels over faux or real fireplaces. The stillness that comes at Christmas morning before everyone wakes up running towards a beautifully or partially decorated Christmas tree. After I became of age and left home Christmas was just another holiday that I no longer thought much of. I was older, off into the military and I didn’t put any emphasis on many holidays anymore. Once I started having children the Christmas glee returned and I wanted to try and give my family the Christmas that I experienced as a child. In short, right? I love Christmas time.

What does my love for Christmas have to do with Louboutins, right? Well, you my friend are in luck! I am selling my authentic Christian Louboutins for a suuuuuuuper low price! Anyone want to look cute for that holiday party? Haaay. Hooo. Haaay. Hooo.

What’s wrong with the Red Bottoms?

Nothing! Nothing at all. Perfectly gently worn shoes (4 times to be exact). I, for one, can nolonger wear them, and two, I don’t wear them enough to keep them. So, I am offering them up for sale. Check out the details and photos below.⬇️

Retail price: $749.00 including tax. Sale price: $300.00 includes shipping!! * international shipping fees not included in this price* You will not find this style for this price- I already looked for you honey. Nobody is selling these for less than $350 (and that’s in the WORST condition). Style: Pigalle 120 Patent. Color: Nude. Worn: 4 times since purchase in 2015.
Underbottom shoe scuffs are from normal walking and wear and tear. Size: 40 Eur. 9-9.5 U.S.
Fit: If you wear an 8.5 these maybe perfect because they run small. If you wear a 9 you can wear this shoes but its like the perfect 9. If you wear a 9 normally but can fit some 8.5 then this shoe may be for you.
If you wear a 9.5… you maybe cutting it close in this shoe. Not even gonna lie- yo foot gonna be curled up!
If you’ve never worn Red Bottoms but wanna try some for this LOW price! these maybe perfect for you.
If you need a shoe that literally goes with everything, this is the shoe you want!
Lastly, I found this shoe to be more comfortable with gel sole inserts.

Why not treat yourself for Christmas with these beauties?! I know you’ve had a long year and you deserve these!

Leave a comment or send me a message if you are interested. Feel free to share this post with others!

Bottom of shoe. Wear and tear normal and expected.

Merry Christian. Get it? Merry Christian? Merry Christmas? 🤣.


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